April 2021 – Viñedo San Miguel
  • Tasting of 4 house wines

    Cata de 4 vinos, an exclusive wine tasting that took place in the museum of wine of Guanajuato. We were led to an unforgettable journey by the oenologist Alessio Bellafiore, who introduced our guest to four of our most emblematic wines. 

  • Experimental Table

    We celebrated an unique event where we delighted an exquisite signature cuisine and a personalized wine. 

    All the dishes from the Ruta de la Milpa were specifically designed to pair with the wines of Viñedo San Miguel. An exceptional celebration in which our guests had the chance to enjoy the presentation of our Gold Medal winning wine Malbec Reserva 2017.


  • Vin Art Jazz

    The 16th and 17th of November we had the tasting of our wines that have won a medal in several contests in the event #VinArtJazz hosted by Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet. 

    A whole weekend in which the fusion of wine, art and jazz creates a wonderful atmosphere.

  • Into the Wine 2019

    Into the Wine is an exclusive event in which international experts have a blind wine tasting and grade different wines from all over the country. This a chance for the winemakers to know how to upgrade their mixes and to have a feedback from other experts. 

    At the end a list made with the top 10 wines of the year in Mexico, among those 10 selections Viñedo San Miguel Blend wine was chosen. 

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  • “Encuentro de dos Mundos” (Concurrence of two worlds)


    Location: Hacienda Sepúlveda, Jalisco

    Date: October 10th and 11th, 2020

    A concurrence between the Mexican culture and the Spanish culture took place in the hotel Hacienda Sepúlveda. Our gusts had the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite meal with wine from Viñedo San Miguel. Surrounded by a delightful ambience, they could also presence a bull exhibition and a Mexican-Spanish dance. 

    A weekend where the good wine and the fusion of two cultures took over.

  • Grand Opening *Private Event

    No more waiting, it’s time to live an unforgettable oenological experience. 

    This past Saturday, October 17th the Grand Opening of Viñedo San Miguel took place; it was a private event that you’ll be able to recall through our social media @vinedosanmiguel.

  • Wine Harvest Festival 2018

    Viva la Vid! A celebration unique in every aspect. We had the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience with music, food and our most prestigious wines. Our guests took the time to shop, dance and celebrate with friends and family.